• Lessons Not Yet Available — Portuguese

    Esta lição definir ainda não está disponível.   Cada conjunto lição abrange 3 meses de treinamento. Os primeiros 4 conjuntos de aula cobrir um ano. É nosso objetivo para ter o segundo ano disponível dentro dos próximos meses. Por agora, por favor, escolha uma lição anterior definido.   Quando a

  • Lessons Not Yet Available

    This lesson set is not yet available.   Each lesson set covers 3 months of training.   The first 4 lesson sets cover one year.  It is our goal to have the second year available within the next few months.  For now, please choose an earlier lesson set.   When

  • Reasons To Believe Meeting 7-19-2019

    Discussion with Reasons to Believe (RTB) Fundraising/Donors Attendees: Karina Rodriguez (KRodriguez@reasons.org) Elissa Fernandez ((efernandez@reasons.org) Jack Eggar Ken Metheny   After technical difficulties with a simple multi-way phone meeting, we switched to a Zoom conference.  In the process, I forgot to add Connie Jo to the conference (my apologies).  We began

  • GCN 15 — Malachi Kids Club Review

    Hello I’m Jack Hagar and this is session number 15. I have some really good news for you. I believe this is our last session. So please pay close attention because this is Malachi Kids Club review. I want to review things that I think you might now know the

  • GCN 04 The Vision and Mission of GCN

    Hello I’m Jack Hagar and this is session number four. We’re going to be speaking now about global children’s network’s vision and mission. Who are we. What is it we want to do. Well first of all we are a Ministry of Children Youth and Family Ministry advocates in churches

  • GCN 01 The Big Picture

    Hello I’m Jack Eggar, the president of Global Children’s Network. I am preparing twenty training segments for all of those who will be working with us going forward. It is our passion, it is our very desire to see children come to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. To actually be

  • GCN 02 The 4-14 Window — English Transcript

    hello I’m Jack agar and this is global children’s network this is session number two today we’re going to be talking about the 414 window now what is the 414 window well first of all it is it speaks of the ages of four through 14 a window is an opportunity and it’s also described as the

  • GCN 03 The Priority of Children’s Ministry — English Transcript

    hello I’m Jack agar and in this section we’re going to be speaking about the priority of children the priority of children’s ministry in the Gospel of Mark we have a most fascinating story of Jesus and a discussion that he had with his disciples let me read this to

  • GCN 07 Training and Empowering — English Transcript

    hello I’m Jack agar the president of GCN and this is training session number seven in this session we’re going to be training and empowering you to accomplish six things six tasks when you finish your training the very first task will be to be able to clearly articulate the

  • GCN 10 Components of Lifelong Discipleship — English Transcript

    hello I’m Jackie agar and this is session number 10 in this session we’re going to be taking a look at the four part two lifelong discipleship in fact we call them the four components are the four boxes I have a piece of paper here on this piece of