Newsletter — September, 2018

A big hello to you from Global Children’s Network!

By Jack Eggar

It is time to report our work and bring you up to speed on all that is happening with our ministry around the globe. The letter is long, but it’s good!

Paul Weme and I started GCN on January 17, 2017 and our friend Ted Hilton made it possible for us to financially get things underway quickly. For the most part we spent 2017 organizing and building, incorporating and securing our tax ID, applying for a couple of key trademarks, securing resources and training materials from a number of good ministry organizations, adding personnel and volunteers, writing training manuals and curriculum, developing a fee based membership system for our growing network of pastors, parents, and ministry volunteers, and raising our donor base. In March of this year we ventured to a land far away called Tanzania to officially begin by testing out our new Malachi Kids Ministry.


Malachi Kids Club at church and Malachi Family Club at home

We unleashed Malachi Kids Clubs and Malachi Family Clubs first in Africa because the people and their churches are spiritually alive and responsive to new outreach strategies and they are more than happy to take ministry ownership. The two ministry platforms actually go together. There is a weekly leaders guide for those working with the children and youth at church and there is also a parent’s guide for the parents at home. One MK “club” takes place at church and the other takes place in the home. Over the years I came to understand that church leaders have struggled with helping parents spiritually mentor their children at home. For the past two years we have witnessed the successful construction and implementation of a bridge that partners pastors with parents. My goal is quite simple. There are an estimated 5 million or more churches in the world today. Most of them struggle with how to do next generation discipleship effectively. We have a marvelous solution through a robust ministry platform that really does work in bringing parents back to their spiritual calling.

Here are the up to date GCN statistics on the Malachi Kids movement:


Countries where we are now active:

TANZANIA – Our Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference in March in the capitol city of Dar es Salaam exceeded our expectations. One hundred and sixty church leaders and volunteers were trained and commissioned to start Malachi Kids ministries in their churches and homes. Eight individuals received an additional two days of training as Master Trainers. They were then challenged to go out to the various districts or provinces of Tanzania and repeat the conference in other churches. This is beginning to happen over and over and what is most amazing is that they are doing this themselves without our ongoing financial help. This is true ownership and sustainability.

BURUNDI – In June our amazing Africa Project Director Paul Mamba took GCN’s COO Gary Minta to the capitol city of Bujumbura for our second Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference in Africa. Paul and Gary spent the better part of a week training about 200 pastors and leaders. This time there were 20 Master Trainers that received training and because news had spread to other countries after the Tanzania conference, pastors from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda came and received training. They have all returned to their countries and have started Malachi Kids. We did not even have these countries on our radar until 2019 or 2020!

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO – We have now received word that the pastors attending the Burundi training event have started Malachi Kids in 5 churches. Of course they want us to come in 2019 and do a nationwide training, but will we need to go and train when they most likely will do a better job than us?

RWANDA AND UGANDA – We are still waiting to verify reports from Rwanda and Uganda so I have chosen to leave the stats out until then. We do require accurate information, testimonies, and pictures! You can go to to see lots of pictures.

FIJI ISLANDS – We are experimenting in Lautoka, Fiji with a local church feeding station they refer to as the Nutrition Center. The church is reaching out to the poorest children in the community (in this case most of the children are Muslims). Our representative in Fiji is a dear lady named Albertina and she has fully trained the volunteers. The club has been up and running for over a month now and all the children attending weekly receive a Bible story, small group discussion, application, and a dedication time where the children are commissioned to go out and tell the story beginning with their parents! I believe this type of community outreach will spread among the churches in India and in Africa.

PORTUGAL – Our Portugal director Aurora Rodriquez has a doctorate in education, as I do. We have much in common when it comes to church education and discipleship. This week Aurora is leading Portugal’s first Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference with over 50 leaders registered. Josue de Ponte, executive director of Mevic Portugal, is amazed that so many people are coming! We are delighted that in a small, post Christian country there are believers who still want to see their churches impact their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

RESTRICTED COUNTRIES – For the sake of those we work with, we will not reveal the names of the countries. In the midst of increased persecution our children’s clubs are continuing to expand. There are now over 200 clubs in 15 cities. From there we plan to expand into the smaller communities.


MALACHI KIDS SUMMARY (as of September, 2018)

Total Malachi Kids Club leaders trained as of September, 2018 in Restricted countries, Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Fiji Islands, and Portugal – 1,235
(Note: About 800 of those trained are adults now working with children in Restricted Countries)

Number of churches actively participating with GCN in the countries we now serve – 351

Total number of children actively in a weekly Malachi Kids Club in the countries we now serve – 8,610


GCN Family Conferences

TAIWAN – Because pastors and parents are so vitally important in helping their churches make next generation disciples, we have developed a rather amazing family conference (or family camp as some people now call them). There are two areas of training at each camp with a third being added next year:

*Biblical Marriage – If parents are going to be used of God to disciple their own children, they must make sure their relationship is right and honorable.

*Biblical Parenting – Parents are taught from the scriptures how to spiritually lead their children daily in the home according to Deuteronomy 6.

*Biblical Stewardship – We teach biblical truths related to time, talents, and treasure.

It is our intention to first start Malachi Kids ministries in a given country and then a year later offer family camps (at a reasonable cost) for pastors and parents. Interestingly, the opportunity came quite suddenly to offer a family camp first in Taiwan.

Our first Taiwan Family Camp was held last August of 2017. There were 216 people in attendance. About 30 people came to Christ in faith (we preach the gospel throughout the meetings) and I had the joy of baptizing about twenty of them. Last month we had our second annual Taiwan Family Camp with Otis and Gail Ledbetter serving as keynote speakers for the entire camp. Otis is founder and president of Heritage Builders and a dear friend from a Bible college in California we both taught at together back in the 70’s. There were more salvation decisions and baptisms this year than we witnessed last year.

Total GCN Family Camp trained husbands, wives, and some children as of September, 2018 – 649
(Note: This includes last year’s camp in Taiwan and this year’s camps in Taiwan and Hong Kong)

Total number of GCN Family Camp salvation decisions – 82
Total number of GCN Family Camp baptisms – 43
(Note: At this time we are refraining from doing baptisms in Hong Kong as there are possible legal repercussions)

HONG KONG – The difference between last year and this year is that we exported the ministry to Hong Kong. We doubled our total attendance in one year by expanding and conducting camps in two places. Our new venue in Hong Kong for next year will accommodate over 400 people. Next year we also plan to expand family camps to Korea, Malaysia, and several African countries.

Total GCN Family Camp trained husbands, wives, and some children as of September, 2018 – 649
(Note: This includes last year’s camp in Taiwan and this year’s camps in Taiwan and Hong Kong)

Total number of GCN Family Camp salvation decisions – 82
Total number of GCN Family Camp baptisms – 43
(Note: At this time we are refraining from doing baptisms in Hong Kong as there are possible legal repercussions)


Churches in Countries Still To Be Trained in 2018

GUATEMALA – My friend Julio Ba Gonzales is directing our outreach into Guatemala. Julio served as the Latin America director for Awana before moving to Houston, Texas in 2003. The Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference is scheduled for October 25-28 and will take place in Guatemala City, the capitol of Guatemala. Julio and I will provide the training to an estimated 100 attendees.

ETHIOPIA – During the first week of November I will be overseeing the Church Sphere Track of the Transform World 2020 Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Denominational leaders and pastors from all over the world will attend. This gives me opportunity to build bridges and introduce GCN. During the second week Paul Mamba and I will present Malachi Kids and train up to 150 church leaders and volunteers mostly from churches around Addis Ababa.

USA – We have decided to go ahead and provide Malachi Kids training for a few churches in the States that have volunteered to become our laboratories as we prepare our ministry for the wider church market in August and September of 2019. We hope to do a major marketing campaign at that time. Malachi Kids training is scheduled in October for churches in Michigan and in November for churches in Illinois.


GCN Expansion Plans for 2019

As amazing as 2018 will be for GCN after all is measured at the end of December, the year 2019 is shaping up to be most exciting for everyone involved in this ministry. Here is a quick glimpse:

Canada – There is little doubt that as things get underway with our tests in the States, the story will get to Canada and we will be in churches there in 2019. It is even possible that Cloverdale Baptist Church might consider becoming one of the early pilot churches. Pastor Rob Godard and I will be co-teaching a workshop at the annual Vancouver Mission Fest at the end of January. At that time we will be promoting the North American advent of Malachi Kids.

India – From another ministry we were given a gift by the name of William Gordon. I have had the joy of knowing William over 15 years. On the 19th of September I pick him up at Dallas/Ft Worth International to begin a week of orientation and GCN training. I have asked William to become the executive director of GCN in India and he has accepted. He is already hard at work making plans to begin GCN operations in India beginning in January. This will be on of my top priorities for 2019.

Egypt – In Cairo there is a ministry called The King’s Daughters founded and led by Medhat and Hoda Fahim. They have asked GCN to come and train their leaders in Malachi Kids in order for them to improve their discipleship work among the girls they work with. Because we also have a number of ministry contacts in Egypt we plan to do a training early this coming year for The King’s Daughters personnel and leaders and volunteers from churches.

Latvia – I serve on the board of Bridge Builders International, a ministry out of Salem, Oregon working in Latvia. Charles Kelley, founder and president, is a friend. Together we are working on a plan to host a Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference in Riga, the capitol city.

Spain – While training church leaders and volunteers to start Malachi Kids Clubs this September in Portugal, Aurora plans to also train someone from Spain. From there she will plan a training conference for Spain next year.

Kenya – Paul Mamba already has leaders in place for a major conference in Nairobi, Kenya. We had initially planned on doing the Kenyan conference immediately after the Ethiopian conference this November, but no church stepped up to the plate to help underwrite the cost. This is one of the strategies we have just recently implemented. We re reaching out to churches and inviting them to participate with us in Malachi Kids country project.

Aruba – Yolanda and Darrell de Palm are our representatives in the island nation of Aruba. They are presently talking to pastors across the island about Malachi Kids and have now asked for a training date in March of 2019.

Ecuador – We spent over a week in Guayaquil, Ecuador last November. Many contacts were made with denominational leaders and it is our intention for 2019 to be able to go back and lead a Malachi Kids conference. The door is wide open to a number of churches in this nation. Otis and Gail Ledbetter and Dona and I will team up on this project.

Cuba – Leaders and church leaders have been after us for almost a year now to come and help them. I have a dear friend in Cuba that has reached out to me faithfully again and again. Because of his determination and unwavering commitment to get me there I have agreed to go for a pre-event set of meetings with pastors in March. My goal in all these countries is to also take as many pastors and donors as are willing to go.

Taiwan – With two highly successful family camps behind us we want to capture all the connections and good will and offer churches Malachi Kids in 2019


And Finally…

GCN currently has 85 donors and has set a goal to have at least 120 donors by the end of 2018. Additionally, the GCN contact list is over 600 with a goal of over 800 by the end of 2018. Our main priority between now and the end of December is to raise enough donor dollars to fully meet the remaining $150,000.00 match our friend Ted Hilton has set before us.

Come help us do something amazing for the Lord and His kingdom in these last days before Jesus returns! Ask your church leaders if they might be interested in reaching into one of these countries by partnering with GCN.


Cell: 630-400-5501


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    Great job. Not by power but His leading can take you this far. Congrats and you are in our prayers

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    Hi, want to know more about your ministry and how it will be benifit to north and eastern India churches and mission to reachout unreached by cost. Thanks

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