Newsletter — July, 2018


By Jack D Eggar

GCN was founded on January 17, 2017. That makes us a year and a half old. Our first year was filled with endless details related to organizational structures, incorporation, tax exemption, branding, staff, ministry platform development, and most of all, listening to the Lord and discovering his perspective toward the needs of His church around the world.

This 2018 calendar year has been one of building  the ministry offering of Malachi Kids and testing it in various countries. Already the demand for this new discipleship ministry that partners the church and home is far outstripping our capacity. This is a good problem and we see it as a challenge to better organize our people and resources.

Concerning countries and people groups around the world, the door is wide open to help churches evangelize and disciple children and youth. Here’s what we have planned for this calendar year:

Tanzania – Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conference in March was successful as Paul Mamba and Gary Minta trained almost 200 people. In addition, our newly trained “master trainers” have gone out to organize additional training events in several provinces. Over 125 churches have been trained with many of them now operating their own Malachi Kids Clubs with an estimated 3,500 children and youth being discipled by the end of this year. 

Portugal – Our team led six 4-14 training meetings with about 200 pastors and ministry leaders across Portugal in June. Malachi Kids training is scheduled for September with our amazing director Aurora Artega de Rodriguez. Aurora is also preparing to launch GCN in Spain in 2019.

Fiji – Our first local church “nutrition center” in the city of Lautoka begins the first week of August. Poor children will be fed and then they will participate in our Malachi Kids club. This is our very first test to help us determine how well feeding stations, discipling children and youth, and building bridges into unchurched homes works. There are many, many sponsorship organizations operating internationally today, but how well are they doing when it comes to helping churches make next generation disciples? GCN’s Malachi Kids may turn out to be an outstanding partner for some of them.

Taiwan – Our GCN annual family training conference is now in Taiwan and Hong Kong. We are still planning to add Malachi Kids clubs to our work in Taiwan in 2019. 

Hong Kong – Because Hong Kong is back under the control of Beijing, we have to be extremely mindful that some people can be at risk. Let us simply say that registrations for the Hong Kong Family Conference reached venue capacity months ago and hundreds have been turned away. We need a bigger meeting place next year! 

China – We will not talk about the wondrous works the Lord is doing in China today, but we are there and our leadership is mobilized and expanding.

Burundi – Training to start and operate Malachi Kids clubs is almost complete as this update is being completed. Around 200 people from 100 churches have been trained in this small African country of 10 million people. Again, Paul Mamba and Gary Minta are there doing the work with excellence.

Ethiopia – Our GCN team will be participating again in the annual Transform World 2020 Summit being held November 6-9 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I continue to serve as the “church facilitator” for churches around the globe. This position affords GCN the advantage of influence as we share vision and passion with church leaders from a number of countries. Malachi Kids clubs training is scheduled immediately after  . Dona and I will both be there to participate in the training. Please consider coming with us! If you are interested, please contact me immediately: 

Kenya – Following our time in Ethiopia we fly to Nairobi, Kenya to repeat Malachi Kids leadership training with a good many churches. We are also considering hosting a Kenya Family Conference to test and determine how and when our annual family conferences are best added to Malachi Kids clubs. Please remember that a key feature in our Malachi Kids ministry platform is the discipling of children and youth at home by their parents. This means that we must do all we can to help church leaders train and empower parents to be active, spiritual mentors with their own children.

Guatemala – Our project director for Guatemala, Julio Ba Gonzales, is preparing to lead two Malachi Kids club trainings October 24 – November 1, in Guatemala City and in one of the provinces. 

Aruba – At the very end of November a small group of us will be in Aruba to train church leaders and volunteers on how to operate their own Malachi Kids clubs. We are still working on the exact date.   

United States of America – Yes, we are gearing up to do some field testing here in America beginning in September of this year. If your church is looking for the opportunity to be involved in a children’s ministry test study where you participate in designing and shaping a dynamic discipleship system, we recommend you become part of our Malachi Kids club test for this coming school year. Our focus is entirely on next generation discipleship with an effective partnership formed between the church and the home with pastors leading the way. If you might be interested don’t hesitate to talk with us. 

Come with us! It will be our joy to have you travel with us to the place and people group where the Lord has stirred your heart. Let GCN partner with you and your church. In 2019, GCN will expand to an additional 10 countries. Please tell us about the country where you are already at work or desire to reach out and touch. GCN wants to help make that possible.


GCN is looking for godly men and women with a heart for children and youth and helping churches fulfill their mission of making disciples. Here are some positions that need to be filled:

Resources Director 

North American Director for Malachi Kids 

Pacific Rim Director for GCN

Family Conferences Director

Asia Director for GCN

GCN missionary

Please note that because GCN is an infant ministry with financial limitations, positions offered are either faith based or voluntary (full or part time). It is our hope that in time we will be able to better financially underwrite the compensatory needs of our staff. 

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