July Update

     Our Malachi Kids Leadership Training Conferences are simply amazing. Two weeks ago Paul Mamba and Gary Minta handed out almost 200 certificates to trainees in Burundi, Africa. This effectively brought everyone to the successful completion of step one in a multi step training and leadership development process culminating a year from now with certification in children, youth, and family ministry.
     After Tanzania, Burundi became our second major event in Africa with events planned in Ethiopia and Kenya before the end of this calendar year. Paul and Gary are quite busy as you can imagine along with a growing number of national leaders and volunteers now serving with GCN.
     Let me take a moment to put things into proper perspective so that you can catch a good glimpse of the magnitude of these training events. Here’s what has already taken place in Burundi:

1) Nearly 200 church leaders from over 100 churches were trained, commissioned, and given materials to start Malachi Kids. Remember that Malachi Kids also trains pastors and parents to partner at church and home like no one else. 

2) New Malachi Kids Clubs are starting up each week in Burundi. We anticipate well over 3,000 children actively participating in Malachi Kids at church and home in the coming months throughout Burundi.

3) At the end of every Malachi Kids conference we select a group of leaders for advanced training. They become our Master Trainers with a special commission to go out to the provinces to train pastors, parents, and volunteers in other churches. This outstanding strategy is already expanding Malachi Kids across Tanzania. Ministry growth becomes viral or exponential in nature as national leadership reach further and further out to churches in far away communities.

4) Representative pastors from Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya received training at the Burundi event. This will help GCN prepare to organize Malachi Kids conferences in each of these countries in 2018 and 2019.  However, something most fascinating is already happening that we did not anticipate. Some of these capable and visionary pastors have already started Malachi Kids Clubs their respective countries! How is this possible? At the core of GCN we believe that in order to do Kingdom work for the Lord we must release our tight grip and manipulative control on those working with us. Instead, we transfer ministry ownership to those that are providentially brought into our circle of influence. We see ourselves as ministry catalysts igniting a spiritual awakening in churches globally to the great importance of children, youth, and family ministry. This is the golden hour of opportunity we call the 4-14 Window.

Here is a picture of our first Malachi Kids Club in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These children and thousands more in Tanzania and Burundi study a biblical story each week, practice telling it to each other, and then are commissioned to go and tell the story to others, including their parents!


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