GCN 15 — Malachi Kids Club Review

Hello I’m Jack Hagar and this is session number 15. I have some really good news for you. I believe this is our last session. So please pay close attention because this is Malachi Kids Club review. I want to review things that I think you might now know the answers to. So some of the material that I give you I’ll be simply asking a question. And when I asked the question see if you have the answer.

See if you can ah tick your plate a clear answer. Because people will call upon you to clearly communicate who we are what we do and how we go about doing what we do. So we want you the pastor or the club director or the ministry volunteer to really know this information so you can be a good representative who who’s excited compassionate and able with great clarity to tell people why we do what we do. All right. So who are we. If somebody asks you what is global children’s network. I want you to be able to clearly communicate to them.

They global children’s network is a global network of pastors parents and children and youth and family ministry volunteers. Who work together. In next generation discipleship. We collaborate. We share. We connect. We network. We work together so that the children and the youth we work with.

We can be assured that we have done everything possible to train them in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ and that we have done an excellent job taking them along that journey of discovery through the scriptures so that they truly come to love Jesus Christ and serve Him fervently with all of their hearts. This is what global children’s network is. It’s a global family. We’re dedicated to helping reach our children and connecting with one another. And we are also quick to share our experiences our resources our best practices our knowledge of things that God gives us because we who serve in our churches are right there in the trench of this eternal spiritual conflict in which we are winning the souls.

We are winning the hearts and lives of these young people that God has placed into our care. If someone wants to ask the question what do we do then. Let me share a couple of things so that you might be able to say let me tell you what they do. We train and we equip pastors parents and local church volunteers to effectively build a bridge from the church into the hall. We call this the church parent partnership. We provide training resources in the church. We see our pastors that we have the privilege to serve as both Shepherd and captains and as captains.

Their responsibility is to prepare their people for a spiritual battle and then to come down from the pulpit into their homes and commission them empower them lead them into spiritual battle for their homes. We are reclaiming Christian homes all over this world by getting pastors and parents to rise up and come together and connect and work as one in unity for the sake of their children. And we believe that God will greatly bless these efforts that we make. We believe that spiritual conversations between parents and their children in the home will grow and flourish and spiritual fruit will be produced and ferret at parents will take these first obedient steps of recognizing it is their responsibility to disciple their children in their home.

According to Deuteronomy chapter 6 and the pastor is there to lead and help and serve and enable them to do this with excellence we believe that volunteers experience fulfillment and they have joy as they to serve in the church. Working with the children and youth and that God will give them great spiritual fruit and they will be blessed of him so we have. Two parts to Malachi kids club. We have that part of church that we call Malachi. Kids Club and we have that part in the home. Do you remember what the name of that is.

We call it Malachi. Family club and you remember I’ve repeated the three things parents do. They ask their kids to tell the story. Each week they listen with their eyes their ears their hearts and then they ask some questions.

They are beginning spiritual conversation in the home. And according to Deuteronomy chapter 6 and they continue to faithfully do that and they open themselves to the Lord. That conversation will expand and it will expand and it will expand and they will have spiritual conversation every day. That’s what God intends for the parents and their children as they live together under one roof. That we will be free to talk about the wonderful a turtle blessed things of God. We parents will be free to lead our children and our children will be free to participate even as much as telling the stories themselves.

Now when it comes to the Malachi kids club at church you’ll remember the four parts the fun and game time that we want to do so well that the kids are excited and they’ll tell everybody in their neighborhoods about this wonderful time they’re having. That will be a strong attractor of lots of kids. If you want your church to grow if you want your church to influence your community. This is an excellent way to do it. We also believe that after the funding game time that the big group time which is telling God’s big story is a wonderful time when every week the kids are introduced to a new story and we want in the years to come to help you produce the finest storytellers anywhere in your children in your youth and your volunteers and your parents.

And we want the pastor to be able to effectively lead all these storytellers into telling God story where ever God leads them so large group time is followed by the small group time. That’s when we’re broken into age appropriate groups with adult and teens working together to teach the children the themes the significance of the story the theology the teachings the morals the truths that come out of every story and then the kids break into groups of two and they practice telling each other and then the last portion or the last time of the four time periods funding game time large group time small group time and then the commissioning service.

And that’s when they get together hold hands and everyone is commissioned to become a missionary that week and go out on mission to tell God story. And so the idea is that we raise up the standards so that every week everyone embraces the challenge and every week everyone from adult down to the children they go out on mission ready to share the story they’ve heard with someone else. And if you continue to emphasize and raise up the importance of the commissioning time you will begin to hear amazing stories of people coming to Christ of people learning about Jesus and truly truly coming to a saving faith in him because somebody was willing to tell them God’s story.

Malachi family club we want the parents active. We want the parents participating. We want the parents to do their part by listening to the kids and then participating in spiritual talk. You know as this spiritual talk this spiritual conversation increases in the home lead the way Dad lead the way mom make sure that before or during a meal you not just pray you you also talk about the weak story as you get into those conversations they will become a natural part of your overall conversation and you will see God really broadened any broadening your children’s spiritual and moral understanding of things you are laying a solid foundation for them in life.

And that is God’s desire for you and your role as the mentor of your children in your home. Let me give you a couple of insights. One when you go to the family table to have a meal together remove all technology don’t just tell the children that their iPhones or whatever technology they have is not going to be at the table. You make them turn them off put them away so there’s no ringing There’s no buzzing. There are no noises because at the table you’re going to replace technology with family conversation spiritual conversation.

You’re going to begin to commune with one another and you’re going to talk about each other and your lives and what’s happening and what each door each week how it applies to where all of you are in your journey with the Lord. Now there are plenty of people that are so hooked on technology they find it almost impossible to separate themselves from technology. Dad and Mom you need to stick together on this. You need to set a rule. Breakfast lunch dinner whenever you have a meal. Technology does not belong at your table.

Conversation belongs. Conversation. Eye to Eye ear to ear. Heart to Heart and parents. If you lead in that you will see God bless. But that’s not the only time that Moses told us because as we recognize our role as parents in shaping and sharpening in discipline our children we will recognize it’s an ongoing thing and we constantly will be prompted by the Holy Spirit of God to provide direction insight conversation and these stories help build the framework to make that conversation very easy very natural for you and your children.

Please understand we exist as a ministry to help you have great and wonderful lasting spiritual fruit. That’s what God wants. God wants you to be successful. God wants you to pass the faith on to your children in such a way that they will be responsible and faithful to pass the faith on to their children. Are you willing to do that. Are you willing to commit your heart to this wonderful global challenge that we call the church parent partnership global children’s network is simply a system a framework and Malachi kids clubs are simply ministry platforms that help you accomplish those things that God has called you to do in his holy word.

I want to challenge you today commit your heart to this be part of this world movement and then on a micro level in your home be faithful do these things engage with your pastor as the captain of your home and you know what. God will bless you. God will give you a wonderful spiritual blessing that you’ll not be able to contain and it’s through that that God will breathe new life and hope and growth and dynamic into your church and your church will continue to reach further and further and further out. And so let me close with this idea.

We want to challenge every one of you to see your church as a great lighthouse that when the people of God in their individual families are doing the work of the Lord in discipleship. And when the church comes together and they breathe that passion of discipleship and spiritual growth and light and salt of the gospel into the world the Lord will begin to open doors for you doors that you never dreamed possible. And he will raise up your generation and the next to go through those doors in faith and do great and mighty things for him and his eternal kingdom.

God bless you and may the Lord richly bless your ministry. Malachi kids.

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