GCN 09 God’s Big Story — English Transcript

hello I’m Jack agar and this is session
number 9 the title of our session is
God’s big story now you’ve heard me
already in training talk about
storytelling the importance of telling
God’s story through scripture through
scriptural stories what we’re gonna do
now is we’re gonna dive a little bit
deeper we’re gonna talk about how this
works and what’s behind some of our
thinking here when we do this so please
take notes and see if you can gather
some of these insights which I think
will really be a blessing to you as you
come to understand how God is revealing
himself to this world of fallen humanity
all right first and foremost let us
begin what the thought that God wants
his story to be told God wants his story
to be told in fact the Lord Jesus
himself said to his disciples you’re
going to be my witnesses well what does
that mean it means you’re going to
communicate to others what you saw what
you understand we are the same way we
are witnesses but we were not back when
Jesus walked on this earth we are here
today therefore our witness is going to
be a bit different we’re going to
witness what we read and what we
envision and what we come to understand
with the aid of the Holy Spirit of God
we’re going to put all of this together
and we’re going to thus be witnesses
just like the disciples we are going to
witness the stories we are going to
share the stories we are all going to be
God’s storytellers because God wants his
story to be told to the world we must
truly see ourselves
as his bearers of good news
we are the carriers of the Gospel
message of Jesus Christ therefore let us
do our best to learn God’s stories to
learn God’s big story of redemption the
Word of God itself and let us be
faithful must be diligent in telling his
stories to others that he brings into
our lives now God’s stories tell us
about four great themes that I’ve
already mentioned to you to some degree
but let’s spend some more time in some
of that thinking the first great theme
is God himself what is it that we know
about God that God is eternal he is not
limited to time or space he has always
been he is he will always be he’s not
made out of flesh and blood like you and
me the Bible says he spirit his essence
is in all things in fact the Bible goes
on to say that all things consist by him
in other words he holds everything
together our scientists have come to
understand the nature of an atom and the
parts to that atom can you imagine that
God it is him it is his very power that
holds all things in place including the
neutron that spins around the atom oh my
goodness God is infinite we who are
finite can scarcely comprehend the
magnitude of his infiniteness but we
must also recognize that the
characteristics of God that we know are
revealed to us in his word and through
the enlightening of the Holy Spirit who
dwells within us so it’s very important
to understand what we know about God so
that we can clearly teach others through
the stories of Scripture that God is
good he doesn’t change
God is all-powerful he knows all things
past present and future and many other
attributes that we have about God we
want our children to know each and every
one of these that God gives us the
second great theme of Scripture and that
is man think about that we all of us man
woman every boy and girl on planet Earth
we’re made in the image of God the
psalmist says that we are fearfully and
wonderfully made
we are simply awesome God made us with
so much potential in fact God made us as
social creatures with the capacity for
intimate relationship and that’s I
believe why God created us it was for
his own good pleasure that he might have
those that could walk with Him in all
eternity now please understand what I’m
saying here that God does not exist for
us he’s not a genie in a bottle that you
can rob and have him pop out and do what
we need him to do when we’re in crisis
on the contrary we exist for God he made
us in His image for the very purpose to
have this intimate relationship where we
would walk and commune and fellowship
with him for all eternity but what
happened our Father and our mother Adam
and Eve all the way back to the Garden
of Eden they chose disobedience and
though they had been given this world
and oversight over this entire world
system they forfeited that and they
forfeited their right to stay on the
earth and surely the Satan devil himself
lied to them and he convinced them of
something that was not true he said to
them you surely will not die if you
partake in that fruit
but guess what they’re not here they
died and we died but because of the Lord
Jesus Christ and that’s the fourth great
theme of the Scriptures God provides a
way for reconciliation that he takes our
sins upon himself he did that on the
cross 2,000 years ago he died for you
and for me
that we ourselves when we commit our
trust our very faith in Him and his work
he can cleanse us from all
unrighteousness and he can make us
altogether new only he can do that none
of us can do that ourselves this is what
the Scriptures teach this is what makes
Christianity unique from all the
religions of the world that teach an
ongoing number of ways to get to the
next life or to God or to whatever that
deity may constitute but Christianity
very clearly points out no we’re sinful
all of our self-made righteousness as
nothing but filthy rags the Bible says
it’s only Jesus and that is what we want
our children to fully understand so the
stories of Scripture build this solid
foundation for our children and we the
storytellers participating with the
children themselves who are also the
storytellers we all grow in this
wonderful knowledge of the Lord and as
we grow we really come to understand
what God has done for us and what he
wants us to do in response to this
wonderful eternal gift eternal life and
it’s available to everyone our children
especially as we think about our role as
well the Bible reveals God’s big story
as I shared earlier this book is the
book of read em
of humanity God redeems us he reaches
down into that fiery pit of sin and he
picks us up as only he can do and he
sets us with Christ in eternity we now
belong to him his shed blood purchased
us out of sin and away from Satan and
his domain we are now as the Bible says
in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 20 we
are his ambassadors we represent God’s
eternal Kingdom where we live today on
planet Earth and these principles we
want to teach to our children the Bible
is full of stories I often ask people
how many books in the Bible most people
know there’s 66 39 in the Old Testament
27 in the New Testament but let me ask
you how many stories are there nobody
really knows because there are stories
within stories but all of them are there
for our growth in understanding as the
Lord draws us to a personal relationship
with himself the stories that we have
the 97 stories that we begin churches
with Malachi kids clubs their
chronological that means we start in
Genesis chapter 1 and we just keep going
through the scriptures we start in the
Old Testament and we build those
foundations of understanding and then we
bring in the life the story of Jesus and
we also then bring in the betrayal the
death the resurrection and God’s eternal
plans going forward through our Lord
Jesus Christ all stories are designed to
pass on to others that’s why we teach
our kids the stories and then we
commissioned them to go tell the story
to others they’re designed to be passed
on each story I remind you is full of
spiritual moral theological truth that
we can pull up and discuss and talk
about those
locations this brings great glory to God
when parents and their children have
spiritual conversations together I
believe that God wants children to be
good storytellers and we are committed
to helping them do that with excellence
but I also believe God wants parents to
be good storytellers we discovered that
it was very difficult for many dads to
actually begin telling God stories in
the scriptures so you know what we did
we developed a lot of kids club at
church so the kids are commissioned to
go home and tell their parents the story
in other words dad in the early days of
all of this your kids are going to be
telling you the story and you get to
participate with them by having
questions spiritual talk spiritual
conversation around those stories but
you will see as you progress that you
will get in the middle of these stories
with your kids and you too dad will
become a most excellent storyteller and
mom’s yes God wants dads and moms he
wants all of his people to be
storytellers because we are his
witnesses and we are transferring his
word to the world
most parents seem to be reluctant and
teach their children those stories and
that’s why we have a wonderful way to do
it we bring it right into the home with
the kids telling the story and we call
that Malachi family club and we find
that parents can do this with excellence
we find that when children come home
with the story that the parents will
listen and they too will learn the story
that together the parents and the
children will have conversation around
the spiritual and moral truths of the
stories of the scriptures and even the
parents and the children can talk about
others that they might share the story
with and as they are all commissioned to
go tell the story can you imagine the
influence in a neighborhood
in a community each week as more and
more people become bearers of these
stories and all of these stories are
interlocked so that as people begin to
hear about these stories and trying to
understand them and as they begin to
discuss them and we’re talking even
unchurched non-christian people’s
eventually they will come to an
understanding of who God is and what he
has done for sinful humanity most
beautiful thing so what do we ask
parents to do well to follow the
pastor’s of your churches to allow them
to train and empower you and Commission
you in the home to begin to be active in
spiritual conversation according to
Moses mandate and when your kids get
home each week get into those stories
with them and really enjoy that precious
time together
in fact we give parents a weekly card or
a paper that simply instructs them on
what story the child is going to be
coming home with parents you can read
this in the scriptures yourself just
just grab your Bible and go to that
passage and read the story and when your
child comes home you are versed yourself
in the story so as your child tells the
story you can really tune in you can
have spiritual conversation you can ask
some questions and you will find that by
faithfully doing this it will continue
to grow to where each day you’ll just
have these conversations and you’ll be
talking about these things at the dinner
table even the next day at breakfast and
on and on whether you’re sitting or
whether you’re walking whatever you’re
doing you can have these conversations
with your kids and you are training you
are instructing you are walking with
your kids through these spiritual truths
they begin to personalize in their lives
just as you do it’s a wonderful thing
and I’m fully believing that we parents
when we embrace Moses’s mandate and we
allow God’s story to enter our homes
through our children through our own
preparation when we work together as
parents and partners with the church and
we began to instruct our children as
they themselves share the stories of
Scripture you will find the Lord doing
some amazing things in the homes and I
truly believe with all my heart that
your children will grow up to love
passionately love and serve Jesus Christ
and is that not the desire of our hearts
is that not what God would have us to do
I believe it is I believe that God’s big
story and how we participate in allowing
those stories every week to continue to
grow in our churches and in our homes
and in our neighborhoods and communities
I think that God will begin to do some
amazing things

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