GCN 07 Training and Empowering — English Transcript

hello I’m Jack agar the president of GCN
and this is training session number
seven in this session we’re going to be
training and empowering you to
accomplish six things six tasks when you
finish your training the very first task
will be to be able to clearly articulate
the 414 window concept I’ll say that
again the first thing that we want you
to be able to do is to clearly
communicate the 414 window and what that
is and what that means let me just
reiterate to you the importance of the
414 window when you’re explaining that
to someone you will tell them that a
window is basically how you see the
world and what we are doing through the
414 window movement
we’re helping pastors parents Christians
everywhere in the world to understand
the great importance of that golden hour
of opportunity to evangelize and
disciple so here’s what we’re saying
with the 414 window the majority of
people that come to Jesus Christ in
faith they will come to him in faith
between the ages of 4 and 14 the other
ages well people can come to Christ in
faith at any age but they are so
receptive their hearts are tender we’ve
discovered that the older a person
becomes the more resistant he or she can
be to the gospel of Jesus Christ to the
message that the Lord has for all of us
that we sinners need the Savior Jesus
Christ but with children they are wide
open their hearts are ready
and so it’s a great great mission field
and opportunity the the harvest is ready
for everyone to be active and for the
church it should become priority number
one and and when the church sees itself
as a ministry called by Jesus to make
disciples the church then will begin to
realize more and more we need to think
about children and youth ministry
differently than we have in the past
so the 4:14 window movement is to
influence people’s thinking and we want
them to understand that the 4:14 window
that is the Golden Hour of opportunity
for every church to engage its community
and get the gospel out to the world
because we have all been called to make
disciples number two we want you when
you finish your course your study with
us we want you to be able to teach
parents and volunteers the importance of
children’s ministry we want you to be
able to show parents their role and what
Moses had to say in Deuteronomy chapter
6 about how parents train their children
and what happens within the home we want
you to be able to lift up the importance
of children and team in astoria
so that the pastor’s of your churches
and the parents of your churches and the
those that want to do ministry and
volunteer to participate and help we
want you to be able to clearly
communicate to them the importance of
children’s ministry children’s ministry
is important but yet in so many places
in the world today churches do not
really know how to work with children
and youth within their churches when you
finish your training with us number
three we want you to be able to recruit
and train parents
volunteers in your church now when I say
recruit parents and volunteers I’m
talking about you will be able to reach
out and gather the parents and the
people in your church share these
messages of importance to them and then
appeal to their heads and hearts that
this is so important
making up disciples making next
generation disciples that we want them
to make a commitment and become involved
parents here’s your role at home and
this is how we start you becoming
involved spiritually with your children
through the Malachi family Club for the
volunteers especially the pastor the
Malachi kids club director because every
church will have one Malachi kids club
director and all of the volunteers
working together this is what you do but
what we want them to do is to make a
commitment so that they see the
importance of it understand that this
way this way we want to start with the
why why do we do what we do why is this
important we want to answer the why
questions why am I here
why do you want me to be involved and we
want them to settle this in their hearts
the why answer is it’s that important we
need your participation and your
involvement and we will give you the
resources and the communication points
so that you can explain these things to
the volunteers and to the parents in
your church number four when you finish
your training we want you to be able to
start a Malachi kids club in your church
and a Malachi family club in the homes
of the parents in your church we want
you to feel equipped and capable and
confident that you can gather your
people you can train them with the exact
same resources that we’re training you
a-and then you can designate a time a
date and you will start Malachi kids
club in your church and from there we
will continue to serve you and help you
grow and build your ministry so that
your church ultimately can be a source
of God’s influence into the community
you can be a powerful light for the
kingdom of the Lord in the place that
God has planted your church all right
number five the fifth thing that we want
you to be able to do when you finish
your training we want you to be able to
build a functional bridge between the
church and the home please do not
underestimate the importance of that
bridge the church and the home working
together to make next generation
disciples we are saying that if the
church is going to make next generation
disciples they must engage the parents
the parents must recommit their hearts
and especially the father’s they need
the pastor of the church as a captain
that they can salute and take orders
from and say yes sir I’m going to do the
mighty works of God because you are
leading me and helping me to be
accountable to do these things in my
home then number six we want you to be
able to produce lasting fruit through
these next generation disciples we want
you to have the long view because I
assuring you today that children and
youth ministry family ministry is not a
hundred meter dash it’s a marathon and
it you it takes years and you have to
look at it from the perspective that the
process is a long long process of
commitment sacrifice and ongoing were
and service to make sure that we are
building those proper foundations of
understanding and faith in the lives of
our children and youth now we believe
that through this training course if you
go through all of these sessions with us
that you will be able to take these very
sessions show them to your people
personally teach them to your people you
will be able to take those resources
that we give you and you will be able to
with confidence be able to communicate
get these things started and actually be
leaders of a wonderful ministry in your
church that is helping your church be
mighty in the community that you’ve been
called to serve

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