GCN 06 The Malachi Kid’s Club — English Transcript

hello I’m Jack agar the president of
global children’s Network and I’m
bringing to you now segment number six
which is the actual Malakai kids club
now Malakai Kids Club actually has two
there is the Malachi kids Club which
takes place at church are at a schools
are in an open field are anywhere that a
church sees an opportunity to reach a
lot of kids and then there is the
Malachi family club that takes place at
home and that’s where the parents get
engaged with their kids and have
spiritual conversation and keep this in
your mind and in your heart and that is
the very core that’s the very center of
global children’s networks Malachi kids
clubs and that is we are building a
partnership between the home and the
church the church in the home with the
pastor leading the way as shepherd and
captain and we are activating dads and
moms so that they lead their children
spiritually they take the responsibility
to train their children in the things of
God in the Word of God they are the ones
that God has called to disciple their
own children and the church is at its
very best when it pours into them so
that they then can pour into their
children at home where there is more
time available for the training than
there is at church so having said that
let’s take a look at Malachi kids club
that the church has each and every week
now the club itself does not require
that many volunteers but we see adult
volunteers absolutely essential willing
and able to come every week for a 1:1
and a half hour two hour segment with
the kids some churches choose to use
Malachi kids in Sunday school it is
their actual Sunday school program their
actual Sunday school curriculum with
those 97 stories that we make available
in Malachi kids club they can choose to
run it run the program any day of the
week that they find it best to do it can
be run on the weekends it can be run on
Sunday evening Wednesday evening
whenever the church chooses remember
Malachi kids is your ministry we are
simply the catalyst and we’re handing
this powerful ministry off to you so
that you can effectively train your
people and then start this Malachi kids
club so that as a powerful tool you can
help your church raise up next
generation disciples in the Lord Jesus
Christ so you choose do you want to do
it for an hour hour and a half two hours
if you’re going to be doing it during
the week sometime I recommend you do it
for two hours then you can have the
full-blown game time and all the other
parts in fact let’s talk about that
right now there are four parts to
Malachi kids club each week when
everyone comes together we call this a
ministry platform and it is a platform
that enables you and your church to make
whatever changes that can help you to be
more effective we are not creating a
rigidity and holding it tightly saying
you do it our way we are saying to you
look here are some suggested things that
we encourage you to do to begin with
until you become really good at it and
then allow the Spirit of God to move in
your hearts and show you new and
creative ways to evangelize and disciple
children and build bridges to their moms
and dads remember Malachi kids clubs is
not only a church parent partners
ministry to help parents disciple their
kids at church and at home but it’s also
an outreach ministry it’s designed to
help your church grow it’s designed to
help your church really become a force
of great influence in whatever community
that you exist in in the world all right
so we have four times the first period
or the first time it’s called the fun
and game time we have a game book we
encourage people to play all kinds of
games during Malachi kids we have
discovered that when you have good games
and they’re safe and they’re clean and
they’re fun that kids will like it and
they’ll invite their friends and before
you know it there’ll be lots of kids
coming to the club that come from homes
that are not Christian homes that are
unchurched well that begins to be then
an opportunity to build a bridge into
the homes of the community where
otherwise you may not have any entrance
into the space of the parents the adults
but through their children and through
those things the children like to do
like go to Malachi kids club you can
begin to establish a relationship with
the parents and when you establish that
relationship you in time can earn the
opportunity to draw them to Jesus Christ
and by the way we’re going to show you
in a few moments
why Malachi kids club can effectively
draw them to Jesus Christ well there’s
the fun in game time and please
understand that teenagers they really
need to be activated for ministry we
want our teenagers to be serving and
leading in other words teenagers can be
leaders of the children just like the
adults we recommend that there is still
adult supervision and oversight of the
teenagers but let me tell you – most
boys and girls teenagers are very
special and they will follow them they
will get excited of the Teena
are excited the teenagers have a great
opportunity to give up themselves and
when they do that they get a taste of
ministry and when they get a taste of
ministry they’ll want to be part of
God’s work the rest of their lives
and I think that’s something that’s
missing in many churches today where the
churches don’t know how to put their
teenagers into active ministry what
better place what better way to do it
then working with children in the
Malachi kids club so there’s the funning
game time second the second period is
what we call the large group time that’s
when everybody comes together in one
large group children young children
older children teenagers adults
volunteers they all come together and
it’s at that time that the storyteller
gets up and the storyteller now is
someone that loves to tell good stories
now by the way let me share with you a
story a lady came to me recently and she
said you know I’m just not a very good
and I smiled and said well I have good
news for you you see storytelling is a
learned skill we can make you a good
storyteller if you’re willing to learn
and practice we can give you the tools
and the techniques to make you a most
effective storyteller and when we’re
able to do that oh my goodness the
influence that you will have over the
children and youth so imagine with me a
large group time everybody sitting
together the storyteller gets up each
week the storyteller tells one of the 97
stories that take children and youth
through the scriptures now keep in mind
that these stories are designed as
experiential journeys by God to help us
build biblical framework concerning
God’s great theme of Scripture God’s
sovereign oversight of you man
and his desire for humanity to be
redeemed and so the Scriptures
themselves have four great themes god
man sin salvation and what we’re doing
is we’re taking children on an
experiential journey and discovery
through the Scriptures themselves and
these serve as foundation stones
building blocks so that child when a
child comes to a saving knowledge of
Jesus Christ they understand who God is
they understand who they are they
understand what sin did in their life
and they also understand their great
need for Jesus Christ and salvation that
only he can provide we want to lay that
foundation out so solidly that a child a
youth and yes even an adult can
understand it and be able to hold on to
it with all his or her heart okay so in
the large group time we tell God’s big
story each week it’s a different story
then the third period is when everybody
breaks into small groups age-appropriate
groups they’re really young children the
older children the young teens the older
teens but really what we try to do is we
try to plow the teenagers back into
working with the different groups of
children and here’s what they do in the
small group time they take that story
they just heard and they do a deep dive
and they go down into that story and
they try to discover what is the theme
for this story what are the truths what
are the morals that we need to
understand what is the great teaching of
that story in relation to the great
themes of Scripture god man send
salvation and what they do is they work
together to really understand what that
story is all about now there’s something
important here to understand and that is
the stories of Scripture are designed by
God to enlighten us to help us
and our relationship with God and our
need for salvation so it’s very
important that in those stories we take
time with the kids to discuss what those
stories really mean not just that we’re
telling the stories but that we are
telling the stories and then talking
about the significance and the teachings
that are within those stories think of
it this way Jesus spoke to the crowds
the scriptures say through parables now
a parable is a simple earthly story but
within that story is a profound Kingdom
significant meaning our understanding
that Jesus wanted us to deal with so
it’s very important we understand so are
the stories of Scripture they connect
and it’s chronological we take them on a
journey of discovery that ultimately
ends in the Lord Jesus Christ his death
burial and resurrection and the
realization that Jesus did that for us
that’s what we’re doing with the kids
okay so we have the fun in game time we
have the large group time with a
storyteller who is going to tell God’s
big story each week and then we have the
small group time to dig in deeper at the
end of that small group well let’s say
not so much at the end but it’s
somewhere in the middle of that time the
kids will then be assigned the task of
telling the story to each other so
imagine the children are broken into
groups of two the teenagers are there to
help them to make sure they get the
stories in order and they practice
telling the story to each other
practice makes perfect they say so what
we’re going to do is enable the kids to
practice and we’re doing this for a
reason after they practice and they
become comfortable telling the story
then we go to our fourth and last
session of our Malachi kids Club
gathering and that is what we call the
time now the word Commission simply is a
biblical concept that means to empower
and send so what we’re doing is we’re
going to in that time sing some songs
there are a few announcements that need
to be made but what we’re going to be
doing is holding hands and we’re going
to be praying and commissioning the
children and the youth and yes the adult
volunteers to go and tell God’s story to
someone else
now imagine that children on mission see
if there are people who believe out
there that children cannot do such
things but they can in fact we have
discovered in global Children’s Network
that children are much bolder that even
adults are and when they are assigned
the task to go out and tell the story
they’ll tell the story they’ll tell the
story to their friends their teachers
whoever they run into they’re going to
be telling the story so imagine every
week the community is permeated with
kids telling God’s story a different
story each week that’s when the Holy
Spirit works through them and even adult
ears that hear such stories the Holy
Spirit can work powerfully and begin to
draw them to a saving knowledge of
himself and so the children they’re
going to be prayed over they’re gonna
hold hands and they’re going to be
commissioned as missionaries and their
mission is to go and tell God’s story
that story they just learned and so
those are the four components to Malachi
kids club now there is the Cal
corresponding home portion that is known
as Malachi family club this is where the
pastor recognizes himself as a captain
who prepares the adults for spiritual
battle but also personally leads them in
the spiritual battle by going into their
homes and helping prepare them to
initially start there Malachi family
club at home now you’re going to be
pleased to know it’s not in
if it doesn’t demand much of anything in
fact here are the three simple things
that we asked the parents to do number
one when your child comes home from club
ask them to tell the story now dads put
a happy face on smile with enthusiasm
say do you have a story I’ve been
wanting to hear this story
show some enthusiasm and your child will
be very very excited to tell the story
all right so you just simply number one
ask them to tell the story number two
listen up with your eyes your ears and
your heart fathers with your eyes you
need to really focus on your children
telling the story fathers struggle with
this we’ve discovered they’ll start
looking around they’ll get distracted
focus zoom in on your child your child
is that important now we’ve discovered
that moms automatically do this and so
keep doing that moms stay focused with
your eyes to the story with your ears
listen up because you’re soon going to
have a little discussion with them so
you need to hear what they’re saying
you need to listen with your heart
imagine with me that God is speaking
through your child holy scripture God is
telling his story through your child and
he’s telling his story through your
child to you there can be no greater joy
in life than to know that our children
are growing in the Grace and knowledge
of the Lord this is a wonderful
beautiful thing that we should rejoice
in with our hearts when your kids come
home from Malachi kids club each week
you should embrace them with great
enthusiasm and joy around the story that
they’re now going to tell you all right
so what are the three things that you’re
going to do number one you’re gonna ask
them to tell the story number two you’re
going to listen with your eyes your ears
and your hearts and number three you’re
gonna ask them
questions why because we’re going to
start spiritual conversation we’re gonna
talk about those stories now we’ve
discovered that dad’s struggle a bit in
the first few weeks when they start
doing this with their kids so we give
the dads in a weekly parent guide to
just help you get ready for your kids
when they come home it’s very simple it
tells you to read the story it tells you
to pray and prepare your heart it
basically tells you here are a few
questions to ask your kids we’ve
discovered after doing this for just a
little while no problem parents
understand and the questions and the
discussions flow now we’re going to
learn a little bit later on exactly how
Moses envisioned that conversation that
relationship between the parents and
their children
how its to go when it happens and what
the Lord expects to take place during
that time but for now let me say this
that when you have spiritual
conversation with your children that is
an incredible thing that’s what God
designed in the beginning it’s what
Christianity has moved away from in the
last few generations and it’s one of our
goals in global children’s network it’s
to rebuild that bridge between the
church and the home so that ultimately
parents are training their children in
the home spiritually day in and day out
what better way to do it than to get
them started discussing story after
story after story in the scriptures and
let me close with this idea when you
have spiritual conversation with your
children when they’re little and you
continue faithfully doing that when they
become teenagers and they get into those
difficult difficult teen years with all
the challenges of the world being thrown
at them you have earned your way you are
there confident they will trust in you
their hearts are knitted to your heart
and so you will continue to provide
guidance and the
action and they will trust you to do
such but if you never have spiritual
conversation with your kids when they’re
little or you stop along the way you
will find that it’s almost impossible to
start spiritual conversation again and
they need it when they become teenagers
oh my goodness that’s when they really
need mom and dad connected closely to
them to help them navigate through those
various storms of those teen years so
please understand Malachi dad’s I’m
sorry Malachi kids is connecting dads to
their children it’s connecting moms to
their children but it’s also connecting
the church and the home so that they
work together as a team

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