GCN 05 What Does GCN Do — English Transcript

hello I’m Jack agar the president of
global children’s Network this is safe
training segment number five we’re going
to be talking today about what does GCN
do I want you to be very familiar with
global Children’s Network and the
functions of global Children’s Network
when someone asks you what is GCN you
you’re able to say to them very clearly
well GCN global Children’s Network is a
discipleship ministry for churches
around the world but then they’ll
potentially ask well what do they do in
helping churches make disciples next
generation disciples and so I’ve got
seven items here for our consideration
today what do we provide for churches
especially what do we provide for
pastors parents and ministry volunteers
within each of those churches when
someone asks you what do we do here’s
what you can tell them what we do and I
think you’ll like what you hear number
one we provide leadership training
solutions we want to be able to help
pastors train their parents and the
people of their church and the
volunteers that do Children Youth and
Family ministry we want the training
solutions to be more than adequate we
want them to be excellent we want people
who are trained in these training
solutions these training courses these
training videos and all the trainings
that we will do in person hopefully we
want everyone who receives this training
to be thoroughly prepared fully
understanding what they’re being called
to do
and that we want them to be able to go
forth with confidence they can really
produce spiritual fruit and do an
excellent job for the Lord number two
what else does GC and do we provide
resources for pastors parents and
ministry volunteers we do this online we
have many resources in the years to come
there will be so many resources for your
benefit and these resources can be used
as effective tools to help you in the
home in the church and also in the
communities in which you exist these
resources are available to download and
you can utilize them as you see fit and
because we are not a ministry that
tightly controls every aspect and always
seeking to control you
we are simply a ministry that is
catalytic as a catalyst we are igniting
a movement of next generation disciples
and we are engaging churches and we want
to empower and equip churches to the
best of our ability so that every Church
has the resources and tools to do the
work that God has called them to do well
number three what does global children’s
network do we’re a network we help every
church every leader every pastor every
parent to connect with others who are
like-minded where we can be an
encouragement we can learn from each
other we can inspire we can help each
other along the way in our journey as we
grow in the Grace and knowledge of Jesus
Christ we want you in whatever country
you’re in whatever people group wherever
you are on planet earth to have access
to people all around the world so that
you can connect with them and benefit
from their knowledge their wisdom their
experiences and also as the Lord blesses
you and blesses what you do we need to
hear from you
we need to know we need to hear your
story so that your story is made
available to the rest of the world
number four we also provide a ministry
platform we have what we call Malachi
kids clubs every Church can have and
operate a dynamic Malachi kids club
corresponding to that is the Malachi
Family Club now these are not two
separate clubs they’re really the same
club but we do highlight what happens at
the church and also what happens with
the parents in the home and you will be
blessed to know we are so very serious
about equipping and training empowering
and releasing the parents of every
Christian home to be spiritually active
with their children in their very homes
that is core to who we are and what we
do a number five global children’s
network also provides Family camps now
it will be some time before we can get
to every country so we really ask for
your forgiveness and your patience as we
seek to help set up family camps the
themes of our family camps will always
center around three primary ideas
biblical marriage why biblical marriage
because we have learned that if the
parents are together United strong with
each other that will be a great
influence toward effective discipleship
of their children if the parents are not
in unity if the parents are in conflict
if there are hostilities in the home
it’s not impossible to effectively make
disciples in the home so we’ve really
set a priority on Biblical marriage and
so every year we try to gather the
parents and have heart-to-heart
discussions and presentation
on what their marriage is like and what
they need to do to make their marriage
is stronger in the Lord Jesus Christ
now beyond biblical marriage there is
another topic that we do and that is
biblical parenting we want to continue
to build our parents their parenting
skills and their leadership for their
homes so every year when we have family
camps we are going to be raising a
biblical marriage biblical parenting the
third one is biblical stewardship in
other words as stewards of the Lord
Jesus Christ
how are we especially as pastors and
parents and ministry leaders how are we
investing our time our treasures our
talents for the kingdom at church in the
community and in every home where we
have our people number six
what else does global children’s network
do in time we envision every country on
planet earth having an annual conference
annual children youth and family
conference were the churches the
pastor’s the parents the ministry
advocates they all get together now why
would we all want to get together each
year let me share with you a couple of
the values that I believe will help us
when we all get together one it gives us
opportunity to see what others are doing
– we can encourage one another and lift
each other up in the Lord three we can
inspire each other to boldly go forth
and to do greater things for the Lord
Jesus Christ fifth we we can also learn
what the best practices are for the day
in other words we can hear from other
churches what is going on and what they
are doing within their respective
churches and ministries in other words
when somebody is doing something really
well we need to hear about it
so we can learn from what they’re doing
another one is networking when you can
build a network within your community
other churches other leaders other
pastors it really creates a basis of
you know Jesus says by this will all men
know you are my disciples if you have
love for one another one of the ways
that we show love across church and
denominational boundaries and that is we
get together because we all value
children and youth discipleship next
generation discipleship besides a
network we can share our resources as we
go along God will bless we will begin to
come up with new ideas and and new tools
for the ministry and the other churches
need to be given access to those things
those tools those supplies or whatever
it is that God blesses you with you need
to inspire and encourage them to do that
well what else does GCN do and this is
number seven and that is we provide a
ministry that is now under construction
it’s called family university in this
family University we’re going to be
training pastors and parents we have for
example a training course now that we’ve
just tested in the country of Guatemala
Central America and we’re going to begin
to expand it out to the world where we
gather pastors and we train them as
family counselors we not only train them
but we certify them so that through
their training they can be effective in
helping the parents be the kinds of
guardians and mentors and spiritual
leaders God has called them to be in the
home and also we have training resources
for parents so that even parents
themselves can go online and take
courses and train and learn more
about family and the ministry of the
family which is God’s very first
institution by the way the last thing we
have here within family university and
that is we give our people access to a
ministry called i.t global this was
founded by a dear friend of mine named
George law and it is IT Global’s mission
to provide online education if you’ve
not received a degree you’ve not had
access to education for ministry
theology Bible studies all of these
things we want to open that door for you
so that you can be thoroughly equipped
in every way to do the work of the Lord
so what does GCN do we provide
leadership training solutions we provide
resources we provide networking
opportunities we provide the ministry
platform Malachi kids we provide family
camps we want to also be able to provide
annual conferences for ministry leaders
in the future and then also soon we will
have family university available to you
all of these resources are designed to
help you be successful in your calling
to make disciples

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