GCN 04 The Vision and Mission of GCN

Hello I’m Jack Hagar and this is session number four. We’re going to be speaking now about global children’s network’s vision and mission. Who are we. What is it we want to do. Well first of all we are a Ministry of Children Youth and Family Ministry advocates in churches around the world. And we have a very very specific vision. In fact let me share that vision with you. We want pastors and leaders and parents around the world to be able to have the training solutions and the resources and networking opportunities to do an excellent job into cycling.

Children and Youth. We think of them as next generation disciples. They’re the ones that are going to be replacing us. They are the ones that will be coming into our space and they will be the ones that we will hand the mantle of leadership to in the years ahead. And so in that transitional time. We have. A great opportunity to build Christ into their lives. We have an open door to reach them for Jesus Christ then to disciple them step by step by step. Think with me for just a moment about the ministry that Jesus had with his 12 disciples.

He spent over three years day in day out training them leading them teaching them empowering them sending them out on mission. In fact after the Lord Jesus Christ rose up through the clouds to be seated at the right hand of his heavenly father. The disciples clearly understood their mission their mission was to make disciples. Here’s what’s interesting. The disciples were later called apostles. Now an apostle is one who is sent literally. That’s what the term means sent one. Think of our children. We are not only cycling them for discipleship sake.

We are really disciples in them so that the Spirit of God can send them out into the world as light and salt as those who are ambassadors representing the Lord’s kingdom in the kingdoms of this world that do not know Christ. That is their mission. That is their calling. It’s like ours but we’ve got time with these children and youth to build solid foundations. We have time in our churches and we see the importance of the church parent partnership. The church and the home. We have time to really build them so that they are strong in the Lord.

It’s very important to understand that the vision of global children’s network is to help pastors parents ministry advocates volunteers to do their work with children and youth with excellence so that the time and the sacrifice that you make is not wasted. But it’s well invested in the next generation that is soon to replace us. So let’s look at three of the most important facets of our vision statement. One we really want to provide training solutions and so we have conferences. We are building online training solutions that are accessible and can be accessed accessed all over the world by various peoples.

We are expanding into the various languages of the world and we will continue to do that so that ultimately global children’s network can reach out into the most remote villages of the world with training solutions so that the pastors and the parents and the volunteers in their churches can receive excellent training and by receiving that excellent training they’ll do an outstanding job in discipleship in their children. We also want to provide resources. I encourage you if you’ve not done this to go online to global children’s network dot org global children’s network dot org.

You can register there as a member which we really much encourage you to do it’s a free membership. And our goal in having you as a member. We want to connect with you and also provide for you Training Solutions. And then the resources if you go over to our ministry Resources Center you will find that we’ve got a number of categories from evangelism to us discipleship children’s ministry youth ministry family ministry pastoral counselling a media technology. There are all of these categories that are for you to utilize within the context of your church wherever you happen to be on planet Earth.

We want this made available to everyone. And it’s it’s for free. We want you to use these resources now within the socio economic situation that your church happens to be in wherever you are in the world. OK. So we’ve got training solutions ministry resources. The third part is networking through our online presence. We are going to also be setting up global children’s network sites in countries around the world. So you can go to global children’s network within your country within your language group but you can also reach over to Children’s Ministry advocates in other countries.

By doing that this network will help you to be effective will help you to learn best practices from others in other lands. This will do a number of things as you recognize that the world you live in today you’re not alone. There are Christians who have the same values the same relationship that you have with the Lord Jesus Christ. You can inspire and encourage you can connect. You can do ministry together there’s all kinds of opportunities that will come from the networking that we are developing for the future. Why do we do these three things.

And remember we want to provide for you Training Solutions ministry resources and abundance and then networking opportunities those three things we think can be a great blessing to many churches.

And our goal is to help you lead children to Jesus help you grow them up in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is our very vision for a god global children’s network. And it is an honor to be able to reach out to you and to connect with you and to serve you at global children’s network. We do not see ourselves ever as a ministry over any church. We see ourselves as lowly servants to every church and every church has the same mission that came from Jesus two thousand years ago.

Make disciples. How can we help you do a better job of making next generation disciples. It is our vision to serve you with excellence. It is our passion to help you produce spiritual fruit. It is our desire to see you successful for the Lord always influencing and permeating your community with the love of Jesus Christ. For truly he has called every single one of us to be light and salt for His Kingdom. So let me challenge you going forward from this training. Seek the Lord. Ask the Lord if it is possible that he would work through you to make a mighty impact in the children and the youth and the families of the community in which you exist.

Your church is to be a light your church is to change your community for ever and to do that. The church must become outward focused. Think with me of the different areas of influence in our world today. If we could divide up our world into countries that all have certain features what would they be. Think of it this way we’ll call them spheres of influence.

You’ve got the family sphere you’ve got government sphere you’ve got the educational sphere you’ve got media sphere you’ve got the art sphere you’ve got the business sphere What if we looked at our children and youth and we said someday every one of our kids will reach out and enter one of those spheres of influence.

But what if we’ve prepared them adequately. What if we have made them true disciples of Jesus so that wherever they go they’re going to be this powerful light for the kingdom of Jesus. And so if they go into the government sphere they’re going to serve with excellence but they’re also going to be drawing people to Jesus if they go into the business sphere are the educational sphere. All of us are in the family sphere. But how are we influencing those families within our communities. So you see God has called us to be people of influence.

He wants us to influence our world. We are challenging churches in our vision to see the community and the world about them as these different spheres of influence that the church is to reach into. When you think of your children and young people when you see them growing up those spheres of influence that I just gave you you will have young people in every one of those spheres. What have you prepared them for that time so that when they enter their on mission they know what God has called them to do. They walk in righteousness.

They’re in tune with the Holy Spirit of God who guides them because we have done our part in disabling them and they are inspired to serve him through the course of their life. That’s our vision. We want those that we serve to have great kingdom success for the glory of Jesus Christ.


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