Reasons To Believe Meeting 7-19-2019

Discussion with Reasons to Believe (RTB)


Karina Rodriguez (

Elissa Fernandez ((

Jack Eggar

Ken Metheny


After technical difficulties with a simple multi-way phone meeting, we switched to a Zoom conference.  In the process, I forgot to add Connie Jo to the conference (my apologies).  We began with a brief review of GCN and Jack’s progression from AWANA.  Ken outlined the youth of GCN and its struggles to attract donors and public notice.

RTB started over 34 years ago, with a launch from Focus on the Family.  They have over 40 people on staff, and 5 are PhD scholars.  They They are resource-intensive, as their scholars are regularly writing articles and books which they sell.  Yet they are seeing only 4% net funding from sales.  About 90% of RTB is funded by donations.  They have about 12,000 readers of their weekly news/updates and their Reasons newsletter.  They have seen that paper mailing is still more effective than online, and their mailing list has been built over time.  They partner particularly with RZIM and Stand to Reason.

Here are some specifics

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