Core Meeting — Donor and Marketing Focus

Core Team Meeting

March 4, 2019

Attendees:  Jack, Gary, Connie Jo, Aurora


1) Ministry Updates
    a) India
    b) Latin America
    c) Africa
    d) Europe
    e) North America
 2) Funds Status
3) Donor Development
    a) Designated Funds for Events and Conferences
    b)  Undesignated Funds
4)  Ministry Resources
    a) Game Book
    b) Other
5) Website Update
6) Any Other Items


Gary met with Hope Community Church regarding Zambia.  He made a very direct, focused appeal and is optimistic about the presentation.  Zambia needs 2/3 funding still.
There is an event March 18 — people being actively added to that date.  Jack noted that at the board meeting last January, none of the donor hopes were fulfilled.  India activities are committed, and we are in prayer that we can meet obligations and get funding to forge ahead.
Aurora discussed Latin America discussions.  She said that the cell minutes and Wi-Fi there are limited, and online meetings need to be brief and to the point.
Jack talked about segregating our resources into 1) getting started material, and 2) mature.  Asked about her suggestions for improving awareness and participation with GCN, Aurora suggested separating work into Spanish focus, and denominational focus.  Meet with leaders from those segments, have a pastor’s meeting (maybe breakfast).
Jack said most U.S. churches are fatigued with activities, bombarded with para-church ministries, and not getting very far for all their efforts.  We need a program we can “put into their laps.”  He feels large churches are nearly impossible to penetrate, with their own programs, and small churches are our best bet.  There’s a potential to reach young pastors who want to grow churches.
Ken mentioned that a theme such as “helping you grow your church” could be helpful in getting attention.  He noted we really need to get focused content together.  He also mentioned he has not given up trying to get inroads into Willow Creek, with upcoming evens of the “Celebration of Hope” and “Global Leadership Summit” being targets.
Jack mentioned YWAM and Loren Cunningham, the founder, and how that ministry has attracted and sent some 30,000 into overseas missions.  They raise their own money, but YWAM supports them with training (the DTS classes) and just takes a portion for administration.  He explained how Loren decided to attract youth by having training in an exotic, attractive place (Kona, Hawaii).  He built the ministry before the Internet was readily available.  GCN needs to spread the word with social networking and the message “we want you” as part of our website.
Funds status:  we are low on cash.  Previous large donors are working on their own timetable.  We expect to build a new donor base but can generally expect the individual contributions to be small.
Aurora asked about appreciation cards to donors.  We do send out something automatically, but can improve that.
We talked about the free download option:  we will be offering some material with a special link that first requests basic contact info.  Aurora suggested as an example site.
We approved the 4-14 logos.  From Aurora:  the curriculum we have goes through six months, and the next set of 3 months is being prepared.  She also has provided the Creative Resource Center in Spanish.
Next meeting is Friday.

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